PS&MS Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in a broadly understood support of the management process by employing modern solutions in the area of production support and servicing of machines. Drawing on our long experience we provide our services in a professional and competitive manner, following the partnership principle. PS&MS selects employees whose team work and involvement are clearly noticeable and bring measurable effects in form of a properly performed task. This in turn is positively perceived by the recipients of our services. Our customers include both small companies and large international corporations.

The mission of PS&MS is “To become one of the largest providers of production support services for the industrial sector in Poland and worldwide”.

We strive for continuous improvement and development, and our endeavours are supposed to bring benefits to our customers such as improvement of the overall performance of their organization.

Since the company’s establishment we have focused on the three crucial areas: maintenance, design and construction of machinery and relocation of machinery. Accordingly, three operational departments providing comprehensive services for industrial plants were created.

MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT is involved in daily, meticulous work connected with performing scheduled tasks in order to prevent deterioration in technical condition of equipment and mechanical failure, or, if such failure occurs, with repairing or removing a failure to restore full functionality to means of production. Maintenance defined as a support process includes organizing, planning, supervising, coordinating and controlling auxiliary functions which are necessary to ensure full capacity of a company as well as using working hours, equipment and materials effectively.

In order to address the specific needs of our customers we suggest signing long-term contracts for the provision of maintenance services.

Long-term cooperation will enable us to provide appropriate continuous inspection and monitoring of machinery used in the production process in compliance with modern quality standards. Regular surveillance brings considerable benefits ensuring fault-free production.

DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF MACHINES specializes in building entire production lines, automation of production processes, the manufacture of machinery and equipment. We have our own construction facilities and technical resources comprising specialized staff, designing and programming engineers, who are involved in designing and constructing machinery and equipment for various industries. We are engaged in offering assembly line automation services and services of integrating robots into production processes.

We design and build machinery recognising customer’s individual needs, the company specializes in manufacturing of various kinds of conveyor systems: roller, belt and chain conveyors and construction of production equipment such as: assembly tables, assembly stands, buffer tables, buffer shelving units, weld measuring gauges, assembly measurement equipment, assembly and control stations, etc.

PLANT RELOCATION DEPARTMENT provides the services of moving machinery, equipment, processing lines or entire plants. Such services include: planning, disassembly, cargo securing, transport, re-assembly, carrying out the required tests, acceptance, commissioning and start-up.

Each order is thoroughly analysed and assessed to determine the best possible manner of its execution, to ensure it is executed in the way which is efficient, professional and beneficial for all parties.
We also process individual orders arising from our customers’ innovative ideas and falling within the scope of our operations.