relokacja rolki powietrzne

Machinery can be relocated within a hall using either transport rollers or air bags often called air casters. The power supply is compressed air, which is forced into casters, creating an air film between them and the floor surface. This reduces friction between the surfaces and an element being transported can be easily relocated in any desired direction. This system enables precise relocation of plants or facilities, laboratory equipment, lasers, medical equipment or other machines which because of their structure cannot be exposed to shocks. 

rolki powietrzneWe offer air casters by Aerofilm systems – a renowned international manufacturer. Our set consists of four up to six air bag modules with control unit, which can be configured depending on weight to be lifted or a center of gravity. Maximum working load limit of our set is 72,000 kg.

Our offer also includes a mobile compressed air unit, which solves your problem when your plant does not provide for connecting of air casters into an internal compressed air system.