WE PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE PLANT RELOCATION SERVICES. The entire process comprises the following steps: planning, disassembly, cargo securing, transport, re-assembly, carrying out the required tests, acceptance, commissioning and start-up. Owing to our long-term experience in recolation of machinery or entire industrial plants and owing to our qualified staff we execute all orders in a professional, effective and efficient manner. We have a team of programmers offering their assistance, who can find the cause of a fault at a customer’s request and modify a program.

Any provision of services shall be proceeded by setting out precise and detailed scope of works to be performed. After identifying customer’s needs and standards, we prepare a work schedule specifying particular stages of works, tasks and activities to be performed to execute an order. Such a detailed schedule approved by the customer allows and enables each party to supervise the execution of works.

We offer an exceptionally wide range of activities in this area, which may include all the necessary stages, in particular:

  • identifying the needs, planning, drawing up a schedule, coordinating activities at particular stages, participating in meetings;
  • transport, loading of cargo, unloading of machinery and equipment, new and used processing lines, including their disassembly;
  • disassembly, assembly, relocation of machinery, equipment, processing lines, production plants;
  • start-up, commissioning, drawing up necessary documentation (authorizations, permits, reports, Operation and Maintenance Manual), final acceptance test.

PS&MS executes all orders in a professional manner, while maintaining safety standards, professional requirements, applicable laws and regulations, including environmental protection regulations. Our employees are competent, equipped with the best tools and involved in the performance of their tasks. We provide our services to customers from Poland and other countries.

We exercise due diligence in handling and executing our customers’ orders and care about details to comply with the schedule, to eliminate risks and threats, and in particular to ensure effective completion of work.

Scope of services:

  • assembly and disassembly of machinery,
  • disassembly and relocation of machinery,
  • disassembly and relocation of processing lines,
  • relocation of plants to a new site.

Our comprehensive services of machinery relocation include the execution of industrial installation works which are necessary to ensure that connecting machinery and putting machinery into operation will be quick and effective.. We use components made by global producers applying various technologies, which guarantees meeting standards applicable in production plants.

Scope of works:

  • electrical installations,
  • compressed air installations,
  • water systems,
  • gas systems,
  • ventilation systems,
  • smoke exhausting systems, industrial dust extraction systems.