We design and manufacture entire assembly lines. Our designs are used in various industries: automotive industry, mining, food industry, pharmaceutical industry. Assembly lines are used to enable efficient and prompt assembly of all sub-assemblies to make the finished product. All machines and equipment in the assembly line are specially designed to shorten the assembly process and thus to increase efficiency and help an equipment operator avoid mistakes (a poka-yoke). The design of the line is based on customers individual requirements. Following the customer’s guidelines we create 3D design or visualisation where we can show what the line will look like when it is equipped with all the devices necessary for the line operation. While creating our design we take into account all relevant factors such as work ergonomics, all the necessary utilities, oil resistance, tool mounting mode, integration with particular components of the production line, etc.

We carry out installation of electrical equipment, we assist in start-up and testing the safety and proper operation of the system. We ensure warranty and post-warranty maintenance service – providing our clients with comprehensive care and assistance with respect to the assemble lines we manufacture.