Machinery Engineering Department specializes in the manufacture of entire production lines, automation of production processes, the manufacture of production machinery and equipment. We have our own construction facilities and technical resources comprising specialized staff, designing and programming engineers, who are involved in designing and constructing machinery and equipment for various industries according to individual specifications of our customers. We are engaged in offering production line automation services and services of integrating robots into production processes. We also design and build machinery recognising customer’s individual needs.

Each order is executed according to the following schedule:

  • drawing up technical assumptions, obtaining customer approval,
  • execution of a detailed design of a machine or equipment,
  • designing necessary installations and systems (electrical systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulics, control systems, central lubrication),
  • software,
  • preliminary acceptance at manufacturer’s plant,
  • transportation to the customer’s site,
  • assembly, alignment and start-up,
  • training of staff on maintenance and operation,
  • drawing up and transmission of documents,
  • final acceptance.